The All-Around Solution for Panorama Stitching

PanoramaStudio Pro offers numerous additional features in addition to all the functions of the standard version. These include the creation of HDR panoramas with HDR/Tonemapping or Exposure Fusion, support for fisheye lenses, automatic white balance, viewpoint correction and a grid assistant for panoramas consisting of a large number of images.
This version not only saves various image formats but also HDR formats, offers a poster printing function and lets you export interactive 3D panoramas or virtual tours consisting of multiple linked panoramas.
The proven and simple creation of perfect panoramas is extended in this Pro version by a whole range of functions for ambitious users.

Key features

Panorama creation

  • Automatic stitching of arbitrary image arrangements into seamless panoramas
  • Automatic correction of exposure mismatches, brightness, vignetting and white balance PRO
  • Full HDR support to create high dynamic range panoramas PRO
  • Various projections for visualization (spherical / equirectangular, cylindrical, Little Planets)

Supported cameras and lenses

  • Processing of photos from any conventional camera as well as fisheye lenses PRO
  • Recognition of more than 2750 cameras based on their Exif data
  • Automatic correction of lens distortion


  • Manual correction of all individual steps, for example with the control point editor, the viewpoint correction PRO or the masking tool
  • Dynamic real-time preview in a 2D or 3D view
  • Numerous non-destructive image processing filters
  • In HDR mode, real-time preview while adjusting the tone mapping and Exposure Fusion parameters PRO
  • Grid assistant for pre-sorting large numbers of input images PRO


  • Export of interactive HTML5 panoramas and virtual tours for local viewing or embedding in websites
  • Import/export of the most common image formats
  • Direct import of more than 1180 RAW formats
  • Import/export of HDR image formats (OpenEXR, HDR, 32-bit TIFF)
  • Poster printing function

New in version 4.0 Pro

  • Full HDR Support PRO Exposure brackets or (HDR) input images can be processed to create HDR panoramas - either using HDR / Tonemapping or Exposure Fusion.
  • Improved quality. All panoramas are now processed internally in an HDR color space (standard and Pro version).
  • Loading and saving of HDR image formats such as OpenEXR, Radiance HDR and 32bit Tiffs. PRO
  • The new Renderer provides a significant increase in performance - it is typically around 2x to 3x faster than before.
  • There are even greater performance gains in some cases with "adaptive blending" (anti-ghost) and with large gigapixel panoramas.
  • Improved adaptive blending. The adaptive blending, which determines optimum seams between the input images to avoid ghosting in dynamic scenes and achieve seamless transitions, now delivers better results in many cases and is also significantly faster.
  • New real-time preview. Previously, the preview just showed the images in an overlapping manner. Two new modes have been added at this point, linear blending and multi-band blending, with the latter already being very close to the final image. All these modes show a preview of the panorama in real-time in either a 2D or 3D view.
  • New non-destructive image processing filters. To refine and improve the appearance of the panorama directly in PanoramaStudio a range of filters are available in the categories HDR/Tone Mapping PRO, Light & Color, Tone Curve and Color Balance. All these filters are non-destructive, meaning that they do not change the underlying image and can still be adjusted until the panorama is exported.
  • Configuration of the HDR / Tonemapping parameters and basic image processing filters along with the real-time preview is possible before as well as after the rendering. PRO
  • Redesigned image export. The color depth and color space of the images can still be configured when they are saved. This allows for example that panoramas can be exported in a higher color depth and with a larger color space than the individual input images.
  • The RAW import is now up to date again and includes an additional function for reconstructing highlights.
  • Exporting large (gigapixel) panoramas as interactive panoramas is now much faster.
  • The new version of the PanoramaStudio Viewer:
    • offers more options for the Autoplay (relative speed, tilting back to initial level)
    • can play virtual tours as a animated slide show
    • includes improved hotspot positioning
    • provides an optional Close button
    • has an improved performance
    • has been adapted to current browsers
  • The Mac version runs now natively on both Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) and Intel-based Macs
  • ... and many more small improvements.