3.5 Pro
Stitches a row of images seamlessly into a wide angle or 360 degree panorama
Stitches images from every conventional camera - there is no expensive special equipment needed for the shooting of panoramas
Stitches arbitrary multi-row arrangements of images
Supports the creation of full spherical 360x180 degree (equirectangular) panoramas
Supports ultra wide-angle lenses and fisheye lenses
Automatic alignment and blending of the images
Full 16 bit workflow for 16 bit images
Detects already more than 2620 digital cameras by their exif data (in JPG ,TIFF WEBP, PSD and RAW files) Improved
Automatic lens distortion correction
Automatic vignetting correction
An adaptive blending procedure achieves even for scenes with moving object seamlessly blended panoramas
A high-performance blending procedure renders big panoramas quickly
Automatic exposure adjustment of the input images
Automatic exposure correction of the overall panorama
Automatic white balance Improved
Manual post-processing options of all steps of the panorama creation Improved
The Image manager allows subsequent replacing and selective editing of input images, even after the image stitching
The workspace offers a 2D and a 3D view in the edit modes
Control point editor
The Viewpoint Correction allows to seamlessly stitch even images taken from different camera positions
'Align to Grid' assistant to presort large numbers of input images (Gigapixel panoramas)
Mask editor
Function to insert graphics Verbessert
Geotagging function
Export of arbitrary sized interactive 3D panoramas and zoom images as HTML5 Improved
Displays interactive HTML5 panoramas on VR devices with WebXR NEW
Export of panoramas as screensaver or self-running program
Writes the most common image formats (JPG, TIFF, BigTIFF, PSD, PSB, BMP, PNG, ...)
Imports the image formats JPG, TIFF, BigTIFF, PSD, BMP, PNG, WEBP,...Improved
Import of existing panoramic images for further processing
Imports more than 1100 RAW formats including DNG, CRW, NEF, CR2, CR3, RAW, MRW, DCR, ORF, ARW, PEF, ... Improved
Poster printing function
Supports cylindrical, spherical, perspective (planar), and stereographic projection of panoramic images Improved
Hotspot editing for interactive 3D panoramas allows the creation of virtual tours Improved
Filters for post-processing image colors and sharpness of the created panoramic image
Color management: Supports ICC color profiles, applies color correction on display and printer output
Adobe Lightroom® plugin to export images directly to PanoramaStudio
Export of the individual panorama images as Photoshop file with layers, as row of TIFFs, or as a Multipage TIFF