Interactive 3D panoramas and zoom images on your website

The PanoramaStudio Viewer serves as a tool to show interactive 3D panoramas and 2D zoom images of any size on webpages. The main advantages of this Viewer are the interactive and platform-independent presentation of panoramas and large images on nearly all computers, tablets and smartphones, the high performance and short loading times even for large images due to the dynamic loading system. Furthermore, the Viewer is integrated in the PanoramaStudio application where you can easily configure the options and also create virtual tours using hotspots.
You find samples of panoramas using the PanoramaStudio Viewer in the PanoramaStudio Gallery or here in the following examples:

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The PanoramaStudio Viewer is already included in the installation of PanoramaStudio 2 and 2 Pro. Panoramas for the PanoramaStudio Viewer can be created, configured and saved easily using the PanoramaStudio application.
Advanced users with XML knowledge can in addition edit a large number of parameters and adjust the Viewer in every detail to individual requirements.

Features of the PanoramaStudio Viewer

  • Free for personal use!
  • Interactive and platform-independent presentation of 3D panoramas and large Zoom Images
  • Dynamic loading allows fast opening of nearly arbitrarily sized images - even gigapixel panoramas - with low bandwidth consumption at the same time (Flash and HTML5)
  • Highly optimized Flash code for high frame rates
  • HTML5 version for devices and browsers without Flash
  • Supports spherical (equirectangular), cylindrical and cube face panorama formats
  • Displays partial panoramas as well as spherical 360x180 degree panoramas
  • Allows controlling the Viewer with JavaScript functions
  • Supports hotspots and virtual tours
  • Option to embedded audio and video elements into the panorama
  • Auto-Play for automatic panning and zooming in the panorama
  • User-interaction using mouse, keyboard, and touch devices
  • Extensive configuration options